“The Paper Architect” – Davy and Kristin McGuire

The Paper Architect is a theatrical piece combining paper-craft, animation, projection and performance. It tells the story of an elderly model-maker who uses his paper creations as vessels for his imagination.

The show features tiny accurately mapped animations playing across intricate paper sets: sunrises and sunsets come and go; flocks of birds pass by; leaves flutter from a tree… When the actor places a cut-out dancing woman on a detailed paper model, she comes alive; he adds a paper man and watches their romance unfold. The projected would-be lovers’ story is presented with a gentle humour; the life character, meanwhile, veers from rapt, childlike delight in his created world to a weary melancholy as the rigours of real life impinge.

Davy & Kristin McGuires website


The Paper Architect trailer from Davy and Kristin McGuire on Vimeo.